Having spent my entire career in the private sector, I bring a unique perspective to county governance.  Weber County needs to be managed by someone who can apply the business principles of efficiency and productivity while understanding excess taxation and spending lead to economic exhaustion and stagnation, not growth. 

Although I have not held public office, I have spent countless hours working within the community.  Each winter for the past 6 years, I have volunteered as a basketball coach and referee for multiple youth leagues.  This last season I spent time coaching 3 different teams and refereeing over 30 games.  I loved every minute of it.

In addition, for the last two Christmas seasons, I have played the Grinch" during multiple community activities.  From an interactive Christmas narrative, to pictures at the local recital, and culminating in a visit to a Weber School District Elementary School; each visit was more memorable and it was such great fun to see smiling faces as I made a fool of myself for the benefit of my daughters!


Over the course of my career, I have always tried to remain active in organizations that give back to their professions.  Currently I am serving as in a volunteer capacity the state Chair for the Utah Council of Land Surveyors (UCLS). While previously I have been awarded first place in the UCLS plat and corner record competitions, as well as winning two events and being the overall winner for our annual "Survey Olympics." 

I also served several years as a volunteer on the board of the Salt Lake Chapter of the American Society of Professional Estimators, including serving as Chapter President.  In 2011 I received the Great Salt Lake Chapter's "Estimator of the Year" award. 

I am certain that the experience gained in these positions will prove vital in working with the other commissioners to cut wasteful spending and eliminate the unnecessary functions of government.


As a lifelong conservative, I can still remember casting a ballot for George W. Bush during the first Presidential Election in which I was old enough to vote. Since moving to Weber County nearly 10 years ago, I have attended every caucus meeting.  I have also served as a County or State Delegate each year since 2012, and in 2016 was elected as precinct vice chair with a position on Weber County's Republican Central Committee.

It was then at a special Central Committee meeting in 2016 that I was elected as the County's GOP Vice Chair.  While serving as the Vice Chair, I individually spoke out against proposed Weber County Tax Increase at both public hearings, personally audited the county budget, helped craft a unanimously passed resolution condemning the tax increase as against the republican platform, and issued a call to action to delegates which may have played a part lowering the tax increase from 25% to 22%.

Most recently at the county party's 2018 convention, I became the ONLY Weber County Republican Party Endorsed Candidate for Commission Seat "A".  Once a party outsider, chastised for updating delegates and sending letters to the newspaper without party approval, I became the voice of those party members sick of "politics as usual", wanting a change, and a rollback of the unnecessary 2016 tax increase.


I am a very lucky man to be the husband of a wonderful second grade teacher who put her career on hold to raise our five children.  In 2009, after taking a job in Washington Terrace we chose to move our then small family to Weber County. 

Three years later we had another choice to make.  I had taken a position at a in south Davis County, and we had outgrown our home.  In the end it wasn't a choice at all (commute vs. quality of life), and in 2012, we built our dream home just blocks away from our first home in Roy.

Our young children keep us both extremely busy with piano, dance and basketball, especially while we prepare for the arrival of number six in November. 


I am very proud to be a second generation Land Surveyor. Our founding fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as well as the original Republican, Abraham Lincoln, all began their careers as surveyors. Like those who have come before me, this time as a surveyor has instilled in me a desire to protect property rights, defend the constitution, limit government, and reduce the burden of taxation. 

I currently serve as the Survey Department Manager for one of ENR's Top InterMountain Design Firms where my duties include oversight and management of projects with budgets ranging in size from $10,000 to nearly $100,000,000.