Weber County needs Commissioners who understand that government is the problem, not the solution. We cannot tax and spend our way into Economic Development or Employee Retention, and although our public safety employees deserve a fair and competitive wage, it should never come on the backs of Weber County residents via a tax increase.

Weber County needs private sector ingenuity and efficiency brought into the county. We need to roll back taxes, not raise them. We need to shrink government, not expand it. In short, we need a constitutional government and not a progressive one.

"Man is not free unless Government is Limited"

- President Ronald Reagan -


With the 2016 Tax Increase, Weber County's Government has grown to the point where tax rates - both property AND sales tax - are some of the highest in the state. 

Property tax rates in Weber County are 13% higher than Salt Lake County and 30% higher than Davis County.  

Our 7.1% combined sales tax rate is the highest in the state. 

I will roll back property taxes, at a minimum, to their 2016 levels.  In addition, I will lower our sales tax to a rate that keeps Weber County residents buying goods in Weber County, while attracting our neighbors from the south to spend money here as well.


Taxes cannot be cut without also cutting spending.  We cannot be one of the highest taxed counties in the state AND have some of the lowest paid county employees without their being a significant amount of wasteful spending.

From dumping almost 1/2 a million dollars into PR firms, to paying our Commissioners over double the median income of Weber County residents, there is plenty of fat to be trimmed.

We must put an end to the idea that Weber County Residents exist to the fund the government. Weber County Government exists to serve its residents, and it starts with eliminating waste and reducing spending.


Ronald Reagan said, "I think it is time we remind all elected officials that government programs exist at the sufferance of the taxpayer and are paid for with dollars earned by hard working men and women in this county. Any policy, program, or expense that is unnecessary represents a waste of their money."

Government should not be in business.  Any venture than competes with the private sector is an overreach of government power and must be reduced.

Any law which unnecessarily restricts individual liberty should be considered unconstitutional.